Defeat Nuitari

The story so far

Braxton, a dismissed general was asked to do a job by his friend Gundren Rockseeker to deliver some supplies to Phandelver. He recruited the party we know today, and they set off the Phandelver. They brought down a goblin stronghold, cleared a goblin castle, chased off a necromancer and killed Iarno and the Redbrands. Together they went through the Mine and banished the Watcher. When they exited, a blast of energy hit them. Their magic was gone. The party split in two, and some went to Hell’s Grasp, whilst some went to Vale.

In Hell’s Grasp, they found evidence the King was corrupt and set to take him down, defeating three gang bosses and finally the King himself. Afterwards they were ambushed by loyalists, nearly costing them their lives. They left Hell’s Grasp soon after, making their way to Timberwood and then to Nethergram, where a marilith has lead a demonic force and slaughtered the townspeople.

During this, Braxton was visited by Paladine.


itsbuskii itsbuskii

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